How to protect your stuff during your visit in Costa Rica

If you plan to bring your devices to Costa Rica, device protection should be a priority. Imagine bringing an expensive device with you on vacation only to lose or break it and have to purchase a new one soon after returning home. That money would be better spent on a return ticket to Costa Rica, don’t you think? Given that you will likely be heading out on some adventurous treks during your Costa Rican adventure, and considering that it rains a lot, we recommend a hard-shelled, waterproof device case (or at least a waterproof device bag, if you would prefer something smaller and more pliable).


Specifically recommended for cell phone protection, consider pulling a MacGyver and constructing a DIY device leash to prevent dropping your phone at an inopportune moment, such as when you are ziplining between trees high above the forest floor below. Simply attach a rope or cord (ideally one that retracts) to your device or device’s case/bag and connect a small carabiner to the other end. The carabiner can then be latched on to a safe place, such as your belt loop or backpack (depending on the activity you are participating in and the equipment you may be using/carrying at the time). Sorry, careless drops and unnecessary expenses resulting from a cracked device screen, this traveller came prepared!


  • If you are considering bringing a device larger than a cell phone with you to Costa Rica, such as a laptop or tablet, and you cannot decide between the two, we recommend opting for a tablet. Although laptops tend to be more convenient for writing purposes, tablets are generally smaller in size, offer thinner and less bulky cables to pack, and tuck neatly into hotel safes. If the extent of your trip device’s travel experience will be your hotel room, utilizing hotel safes can help protect your device from accidental damage when you are in the room and sticky fingers when you are not.


  • Before leaving home, don’t forget to register your cell phone with your provider (Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft require a free account for this) and enable the Find My Phone feature (or similar) in your device’s settings. In the event that you lose your phone in Costa Rica, the feature can help you locate it. While you’re fiddling with your phone’s settings, if entry to your device is not already secured by a strong password, we would recommending adding one (at least for the duration of your vacation; password settings can be changed after your trip to remove the password, if you so desire, once you return home). Doing so will, in the very least, make your phone’s personal information more challenging for others to access should you happen to drop the device or have it stolen from you throughout your travels.

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