Costa Rica has spectacular waterfalls, rivers, valleys and volcanoes

Costa Rica has plenty of natural attractions but one of the most treasured ones are their waterfalls. Waterfalls can be found in every corner of the country and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of … Read More

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Plug in Costa Rica

Costa Rican properties utilize the same 120V 60Hz electrical sockets that are found in the USA and Canada (accepting two-prong flat connector plugs as well as three-prong connector plugs including an earth connector). Some older properties offer only two-prong sockets, … Read More

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Access to Internet during your trip in Costa Rica

Access to Internet The internet is designed to help us meet, mingle, and get tangled up with one another; hence, its coining of the phrase: the World Wide Web. Just as you plan to connect with friendly Costa Rican people and … Read More

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How to protect your stuff during your visit in Costa Rica

If you plan to bring your devices to Costa Rica, device protection should be a priority. Imagine bringing an expensive device with you on vacation only to lose or break it and have to purchase a new one soon after … Read More

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